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Core function

The President and Chief Executive Officer (the “CEO”) has primary responsibility for the Corporation’s strategic direction and its operations and results. The CEO is responsible and accountable that the Corporation and its management and employees conduct their business with honesty and integrity, with a view of creating sustainable and long-term value and profitable growth.


The CEO’s duties, responsibilities and obligations include, but are not limited to the following. The CEO shall:

  1. be responsible for the management of the day to day operations of the business of the Corporation in accordance with the strategic plan and business plans;
  2. have primary accountability for the profitability and growth of the Corporation and be directly accountable to the Board for all activities of the Corporation;
  3. foster a corporate culture that promotes ethical conduct and integrity of the Corporation its management and employees as well as ensuring that the appropriate processes and rules are in place and observed so that ethical conduct and integrity is achieved in practice;
  4. be responsible for the development of the strategic plan, implementation and achievement of the annual Corporate business plan, including the efficient acquisition and allocation of the financial, human and other resources required to achieve the annual and strategic goals;
  5. monitor the Corporation’s expenditures within approved operating and capital budgets;
  6. identify and review with the Board all significant risks to the Corporation’s businesses and ensure the implementation of appropriate systems and procedures to mitigate these risks;
  7. be responsible that appropriate compensation plans are in place for management as well as development of succession plans at the corporate and business levels;
  8. monitor and evaluate the performance of the officers of the Corporation and the senior executives of its businesses. Keep the Board informed of key officer performance;
  9. develop and maintain an effective organizational structure that reflects operational needs;
  10. act in a general advisory capacity to other senior corporate officers and staff and the presidents and officers of the businesses concerning the interest and management of the Corporation, particularly with respect to strategic planning, organization structure, business plans, financial budgets, human resources and risk management;
  11. implement appropriate policies and procedures and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations;
  12. review at each Board meeting recent developments, if any, that may impact the growth strategy of the Corporation;
  13. communicate with the Board to keep it up-to-date on all major developments, including timely discussion of potential developments; and
  14. foster effective relations with all shareholders, customers and other stakeholders, including financial institutions shareholders and the communities served by the Corporation; act as a key spokesperson for the Corporation.
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