Building on our success

Leading Producer of Specialty Chemicals and Related Technology

Superior Plus Specialty Chemicals

Head Offices

ERCO Worldwide | Etobicoke, Ontario

Products and Services

  • Production and sale of sodium chlorate and related products
  • Production and sale of chlor-alkali and related products
  • Production and sale of chlorine dioxide generators

End Markets

59% United States, 24% Canada and 18% International in 2016

2017 EBITDA from Operations

$126.4 million


532 full-time employees


Ed Bechberger, President

Evolution 2020 Targets

  • 5% annual organic Adjusted EBITDA growth
  • 18% Adjusted EBITDA margin
  • Net promoter score of 50+
  • 90% operating rate
  • Operate without a lost-time injury

Specialty Chemical EBITDA from Operations(1)